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Lacking motivation?

Group training is a great way to keep you motivated.

With a coach telling you what to do, the session is less work for you while still being very effective. If you are struggling to make it to the gym, Reform Club could be the motivation that you need to commit to a training routine.

Accountability. For members who don’t like to exercise solo, sometimes a gym session can be challenging. Knowing what you should do and on which day can be tough. Reform Club takes the stress out of this while making fitness fun at the same time. A structured workout plan can give members the confidence they need to continue training while increasing motivation.

Our Reform Club, also known as small Group Training, combines the benefits of Personal Training with training alongside some like-minded others. It is essentially a small group of people training under an active and engaged coach.

  • They know when to push a person, and when to hold back.
  • They understand the client as a person.
  • They are committed to getting the best from a person, even when that person thinks they are already at their limit.

What do I get in group training?

Just as with Personal Training, with small group-training, you still get your own programme. This means the same tools, same support, and same goal-setting from the coaches.

We include everything that is required for success:

  • An exercise plan.
  • The correct mindset.
  • Full support.
  • Motivation.
  • Accountability.

The results are the same. The only difference is you achieve them in the company of others.

Why group training?

  • You get a one-to-one Personal Training approach in a group environment, making it more affordable for you.
  • The social aspect – train with others, and help to motivate each other.
  • You will push yourself further and challenge yourself to achieve your fitness goals.
  • All the other benefits of training with an experienced coach, no waiting for equipment, no intimidating people alongside you – just a fun, enjoyable environment where you get results

Reform Club is for everybody who is happy to train with others. We have several timetabled sessions per day. Simply choose the ones that best suit your schedule, and join in!

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